Lonesome concert goer

I consider myself an expert. I know I’ve only been to two concerts alone but come on. WHO GOES TO TWO CONCERTS ALONE?? Especially within one month. Probably nobody. Except me because I oddly like it. I need to stop and maybe find some quality friends that will come with me. Good idea. In other news, words cannot describe how good Head and the Heart was. They were madly and insanely good. If you ever have the chance to see them, do. This was my second time. The first was when they opened for The Shins and they were dang good there too. But I kinda liked this venue a little better for the sole reason that I was super close to the band. Charity (one of the three singers), is A-MAZING. Amazing. Too good. The best. All of the above. Same with the two other fellas singing. She just caught me off-guard because she’s usually backup but in a few of their songs she has a part to her own and dang that girl can belt it. Blitzen Trapper and Bryan John Appleby were both the dream. AHHH. I’ll stop now. I could talk about music for pages and pages (get it, hours and hours.. pages and pages. I thought it was funny but it is 2 in the morning so pretty much anything is funny). 

After the concert, I realized that the TRAX weren't running and I know pretty much nobody in SLC so I walked. It was actually not that bad. I walked on South Temple for a couple miles and then took a right on 800 E and there I was! Of course I called McCall at the scary parts, but it was still a good stroll. 

In the end, great day in Salt Lake. Sometimes I just wish I could live in SLC and Logan because I love em both but visits are always super fun. 

I'll post a video later. Maybe. 

Bryan John Appleby and his crew.

Blitzen Trapper rocking out like they know how. 


Harmonizing champions.

Loved every minute.

Some advice.
-Go to a concert alone, it's fun and you learn a lot about yourself in weird ways.
-Preferably have a car so you don't have to walk 3 miles to where you're staying at midnight. If you don't have a car, take busy roads and enjoy the walk, it's not too bad I promise. 
-Dance like a mad man. Who the fudge cares? You're alone, you know absolutely no one, and what's there to lose? Nada, my friend. So literally dance like you do in your room. (If you don't dance in your room you have some major problems.)
-Charge your phone beforehand so you can take a video of your favorite song to remember forever (but don't completely stop dancing), and have some battery left to call a close friend or family member to accompany your walk. 
-At some point in the concert, close your eyes and remember the moment! Sounds ridiculously cheesy but do it. I can sense you laughing at me.. stop.
-Keep your cool. But not too cool. Just regular cool. That doesn't make sense. Figure the cool part out on your own. 
-If you really get scared while walking or when you're alone, say a little prayer in your heart that you don't die and then proceed. It works, I can attest to it. 
-Try and talk to a few people. A little small talk here and there isn't that bad.
-If you're not tall, make sure to nudge into a fairly close spot. It's 100% worth it.
-Bring some snacks for when you get back to whoever's apartment or house you stay at. I didn't do this. My stomach and I are regretting it. 
-By the end of the night you should be tired. Dang tired. And as for your feet? They should be even more tired than the previous tired I was talking about. Got it? 

Go crazy, you party animals. 


  1. The concert sounds amazing! I'll go next time unless I'm too poor. Also it's a miracle you made it home!

  2. I LOVE YOU. and you could have eaten food in my apartment, you silly goose!