Life in the cave.

I trekked up Logan canyon for the afternoon and went on a long hike that was unlike any other. This one had fun big caves. So there I was hiking in the canyon with the beautiful fall leaves that I can't get enough of, having conversations with myself in my head and eating goldfish. I thought that was bliss enough. THEN, I reached the caves and I was smitten. Who doesn't want to hang out all afternoon in a cave with a breathtaking view? I scurried my way into the first cave, still eating goldfish, for awhile and then I went to the second cave. There was this little niche that I wanted to lay my bum in but it required a little climbing. So I took off my chacos and I climbed that sucker. It is now considered my spot. Therefore, if you go there, don't even think about touching it.

Anywho that's my little story while I'm sitting here at the laundromat. It was extremely rejuvenating. I figured my life out (not really but kind of), and found my new favorite spot on the mount. It was a monumental day indeed.

One thing I decided while skipping along was that I want to live in a lot of places. Moving to Logan was the best decision ever. I literally have had no doubts. I lived in St George all of my life and it was time to experience new things. I'm not even kidding when I say I did every hike there is, so now that I have all of these new fun things to do in Logan, it's exciting and I feel happy all the time. Life's good guys. It really is.


  1. Next time I come to northern Utah we totally need to go on a hike together!It looks beautiful.

  2. Also thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog!