There is so much going through my brain right now and I am going to try so hard to screen those thoughts. If I offend any of you, I'm deeply sorry and I mean that. I absolutely hate when people think poorly of me or get offended by what I say because of miscommunication. I mean well & I come in peace.

Let me just tell you some life lessons I've had over the past 18 years of my life (some are ones I came up with, some are from chats with Abbey Hafen & some are from my parents or siblings):

1. Be where you're at. Avoiding your circumstances now will just bring more sadness later because you're probably just sulking instead of making a great new life. In other, more blunt, words: MOVE ON AND STOP FEELING BAD FOR YOURSELF. I think every person gets in this position once or twice in their life. Maybe more. If after you moved on, and you're still unhappy, then I've got nothin. Figure out how to be happy.

2. Don't let other people influence what you truly want to do. And don't convince yourself that you can't achieve your most wanted goal.

3. Pray. A lot. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Also, read your scriptures daily. Those things have some great inspiration.

4. If something is hard at first, make a true & hard effort to adapt to new situations. It gets so much easier and you either end up LOVING it or deciding on another path. Example: when I moved to Logan I missed my family a ton, yet I loved this town more than anything and knew I was here to stay (didn't miss STG very much which is odd). After a visit from my mom & sister one weekend, I got my family fix and moved on with a happy heart in all aspects. Now I love everything about living here because I'm no longer homesick and going to USU is as enjoyable as ever, as you probably have figured out. My hardship was family, and it's probably different for the next guy.

5. Find what you love and do it a lot. If it makes you happy one place, it will make you happy in another.

6. Don't get discouraged.

7. People are extremely nice and usually will help you out. Especially in Logan (because that's all I really know besides STG).

8. Learn to be happy without a guy, if not you will literally hate your whole single life. I'm not saying this from my experience, but others. I've never had much of a problem with being single but I do get where girls come from.

9. BE ACTIVE. I've always been active but I know people that aren't even in the slightest and they are honestly pretty sad people. Being active (whether it be hiking, biking, running, backpacking, sports, involved in community, etc) is so important. It gives a sense of accomplishment and usually brings a great load of joy. For me, with all my outdoor activities, I get to enjoy this beautiful earth while doing what I love and that rocks. Plain & simple. But obviously, everyone is different.

10. Keep your friends close & family closer. Because you never know, ya know?

11. Learn to get over sad/angry things really fast because life's hard and that's just how it goes.

12. Just because things are hard doesn't mean you can't accomplish anything. To the contrary, I think rising to the occasion is one of the most fulfilling feelings ever. Don't give up on anything just because you don't want to do it and it's too hard. Reevaluate & figure it out.

I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life or anything of the sort. I'm just sharing what I've learned as a human of 18 years and have lived by. Essentially, it's a small sliver of what I believe in. Goodnight.


  1. I seriously love your blog. You are so great. Thanks for the inspiration!