The word "visit" means so much more to me now that I'm older. Nowadays when I think of "visit" I think of home, Saint George, family, old friends, red mountains, and so on. It's almost weird how perspectives change over the years. Change itself is kind of weird. For example, when I was younger I hated everything about tomatoes and banana peppers. Now I am a lover of both! Anyways, you get the point. 

My visit to Saint George was everything I hoped and more. That place itself is fantastic, and my family just makes it even better. We had a blast to say the very least. Here's some of us:

And last, but definitely not least, my favorite photo that I took of Saint George while I was down. I took advantage of that sunshine like you wouldn't believe. It was great.
(I formally thank McCall for letting me take this great panorama on her phone.)

Till next time, Saint George, till next time. 

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